Mid-Continent United States
Land Services

Huffridge® is built with leadership through years of experience. We believe Land Services are measured by their ability to generate accurate title, which is the cornerstone of what we have been able to build at Huffridge®. Our title is able to stand the test of time.

Activities over hundreds of thousands of acres have included: Large & small acquisition projects and Underground gas storage projects

Huffridge® is well-versed and experienced in obtaining the documents to cure title defects. If there is a need to clarify ownership upon death, divorce, or there is ambiguous language in conveyance documents, we are committed to securing the necessary affidavits or other supporting documentation.

Document Imaging solutions have been increasingly expected among our clients, and as a result, Huffridge® has become a premier proprietor of contracting the best photo techs available to gather the images needed to aid in timely examination of ownership reports or title opinions. Our Image Techs are held to a professional standard and accountable for their production.

Huffridge® has been providing professional seismic permit acquisition services to the oil & gas industry since 2005. We employ the most committed in the industry. Our Seismic Permit Agents are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of mineral and surface permitting.

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